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'Jon Nobi'.

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The word 'Jon Nobi' has the meaning of 'Relaxed and comfortable' in local dialect.
Come and experience your Jon Nobi stay in the best ski and Onsen village in Japan.



Approx. 145minutes by train from Tokyo.
Approx. 240minutes by train from Osaka.
Approx. 100minutes by train from Kanazawa.



  • Nozawa-onsen village

    Nozawa-onsen village

    Famous for its historic and traditional ski resort, Nozawa-onsen village is well renowned among onsen (hot-spring) areas dotted around Japan.
    In the village's Onsen district there are thirteen atmospheric public bathhouses called Soto-yu, and visitors can sample several of them on a relaxing onsen pilgrimage.

  • Nozawa-onsen Ski Resort

    Nozawa-onsen Ski Resort

    Japan's top-class big snow area. 100% natural snow!
    There are so many ways of enjoying the fresh soft, natural snow here.


  • Restaurant & bar 'Himatsuri'

    Restaurant & bar 'Himatsuri'

    'Himatsuri' is named by famous fire-festival , which is held on middle of January, in Nozawa onsen.
    'Himatsuri' is one of the best fire festivals in Japan. You can feel the local MATSURI (festival) spirit when you enjoy your food and drinks.

  • Hot Spring

    Hot Spring

    Jon Nobi has both private and public onsen bath to offer you the relaxing onsen experience.

  • Cuisine


    Original Dishes that utilize local ingredients from the Nagano Region are our speciality!